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Welcome to Wilder Performance Equine Rescue! We are a passionate team dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding forever homes for animals in need, particularly those in the performance equine sector. Our open-door policy ensures every animal finds the care, compassion, and love they deserve. Join us in our mission to transform lives and create a haven for both humans and these majestic creatures. Together, we're making a positive impact, one rescue story at a time.


♘ Our Mission

Our mission is clear and resolute: to uplift animals that have endured adversity, especially those ensnared in harsh conditions within performance spheres and other vulnerable settings. We stand unwaveringly committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and championing these animals, ensuring they are met with the care, empathy, and dignity they rightfully deserve. Our ultimate aim is to secure them loving forever homes where their happiness and well-being are assured for a lifetime.

✓ How We Do It

Read about how we are helping animals with our experienced, hand-crafted approach.


At Wilder Performance Equine Rescue, we are tirelessly dedicated to seeking and rescuing animals in need, actively scanning social media, websites, and local areas to lend a helping hand. Collaborating closely with the community, fellow rescues, and local authorities, we remain on standby for any new rescue. If you have an animal you need to surrender or one you know of that needs our attention, please reach out to us immediately.

Once an animal joins our rescue, we immediately provide the necessary medical attention by working with trusted and experienced veterinarians and physical therapists. After addressing their immediate needs and establishing trust between our team and the animal, we initiate training and begin the emotional recovery process.

Our goal is to ensure that these animals find their perfect forever home, a place where they can live out the rest of their lives in security, love, and compassion, never needing a new home again. Our adoption process is meticulous, requiring a detailed application for each animal. Upon identifying a potential match, we conduct a home check. Once the applicant passes this step, the adoption date is scheduled.

♡ Success Stories

Read about the horses we've rehabilitated.

☺ Our Team

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Tili Atwell

Co-founder & President


Taylor Harris

Co-founder & CEO


Vanessa Burchett

Board Director